How to best deal with input/output error?

I am using rclone as a rsync replacement to backup my home folder to my external USB hard drive.

The command I use:

$ rclone copy /mnt/361b58ba-4794-4b5b-955a-9706e758f5d6/home/orschiro "/mnt/wwn-0x50014ee65c1ecc65-part1/Cloud Backup"

However, i see many errors as follows. What can I best do about those?


Have you tried checking the health of your HDD?

Not yet. What’s the best command to check this external USB drive (NTFS) using my Linux system?

Morever, I noticed that this command from above takes ages to complete. I always had to abort it although I am only syncing ~50GB.

Am I doing something wrong with the above command? Rsync never took so long.

try using smartctl -a /dev/sda (or /dev/“harddisk location”) and see what the health status is. If you are using GUI on linux, there’s probably some smartmontools (eg gnome-disks) that shows you the same thing.
A dying harddisk could have symptoms of taking forever to read but I hope your HDD is still healthy.
Hope this helps.

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@huffie, everything good. Thanks for all your help!

Found this helpful article, too:

My workflow now is:

  1. Rsync from internal drive to external partition
  2. Use rmlint to deduplicate
  3. Use Rclone to backup to Backblaze B2

Frankly I didn’t help much but I would also like to know if you have managed to find out what the issue was that’s causing the slow sync? Didn’t expect your HDD to be SSD instead which shouldn’t be causing the slowness?

I didn’t manage to find a solution to the slow sync with Rclone other than switching to Rsync for the part to sync from my internal partition (SSD) to my external drive (HDD). From there, Rclone takes it to Backblaze B2. I don’t know how fast or slow it syncs to B2 because I have almost 1TB and I expect it to be slow…