How to Automate the Google account selection On Rclone

I have around 150 of GB data mostly photos and videos on my system. I have already created 11 Google account to backup RAW data to drive instead of using the Photos.

Can we automate that after first drive is full with 15 GB then the data transfer continues by choosing the next account automatically.

So I have a folder of 150 GB data and all the data must backup into those 11 Google account drives. Normally we manually select the 15 GB of data and upload it to drive. after we need to continue this process manually for each drive, Can this be done on Rclone?

I've configured RClone couple of months back and used only once, so I'm a noob here.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this doesn't make sense.

There's nothing to automatically do this to my knowledge currently.

Unifying your remotes might solve your problem. All 11 account should be seen and treated by rclone as one.

How would that work in practice? If one account / mount is full, does it move to the next mount?

I haven't used that feature personally, but upon further investigation it seems that the union is pretty much read-only:

Only the last remote is used to write to and delete from, all other remotes are read-only.

At least, he should be able to access all files at once that way.

There are new features in the latest beta - see which could help...

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