How to automate the execution of my rclone scripts on Windows?

I have couple of .cmd scripts on my Windows pc and i am looking for a way to automate their execution, instead of running them manually. I want to run a script every hour, every day, every three days and every five days. Any tips how to do that efficiently?

you can use task scheduler.
very easy to use.

Can you export all tasks at once? I couldn't find a way, but i am on Windows 7.

have not use windows 7 in many years, as upgrading to windows 10 is free...

just search google...

"Here's how to export and import all tasks at command line on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server"

The tasks seems to be saved in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks, though i don't know if simple copy/paste of the files will work for mass export/import of the tasks.

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