How to access the Global OneDrive by Rclone

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Dear all,

I created a new config in Rclone dashboard.
The first step is "set up remote config". I named the drive and select the "WebDAV".
The second step is "set up drive". there are 5 items that I need to type:
1: URL of http host to connect to. E.g.***.
2: Name of the WebDAV site/service/software you are using.
3: User name. In case NTLM authentication is used, the username should be in the format 'Domain\User'.
4: Password.
5: Bearer token instead of user/pass (e.g. a Macaroon).

I input my OneDrive url(Sign in to your account) in the first one with error.

Can you please tell me the right value of these 5 items?

Best Regards,

AFAIK onedrive does not support webdav access via rclone.

Use direct onedrive.

Instead of WebDAV choose Microsoft OneDrive (onedrive) - you do not have to provide anything - always press enter until your browser starts and asks you for authentication. That's it for the start.

Hi Kapitainsky,

Thanks for your reply.
When I use "Microsoft OneDrive" in the select section of step1-Set up Remote Config, and click "next", there are 3 items in the step2-Set up Drive:
OAuth Client Id. Leave blank normally.
OAuth Client Secret. Leave blank normally.
Choose national cloud region for OneDrive.

Can you please tell me what value I need to input? Thanks.
Because the configuration cannot be finished. when I click the "next", a dialog box called "Configuring your drive" will pop up and immediately disappear, displaying:
A page will open for you with the authentication for your drive. This modal will automatically dismiss upon successful creation.

Then the configuration cannot be finished. When I re-click the "Configs" in the left navigation and find my config, and click the "update" in Actions, the type of select is still the WebDAV.

Can you please give me some suggestions? Thanks!

Best Regards.

Press enter always - authenticate in the browser - done.

What clicking are you talking about. rclone is command line utility...


rclone config redacted

and post output here.


I'm using UI to config, please see the screenshot below:


You can use UI but this is not maintained project with who knows how many bugs there.

Use command line to configure your onedrive, run rclone config and follow few simple steps as per docs.

Later you can experiment with UI if you wish.

Can you give me the official example of UI configuration? as I have to configure it by UI recently.

UI is not supported and not maintained. My advice is to forget it or deal with all issues yourself.

Using command line is not difficult at all - after you configure everything you can mount your remote and use whatever file browser/tools you like - as it was your another local disk.

And of course if you would like to revive UI project and become its maintainer many people would be happy.

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