How to access files from a file hosting website using google drives API (not

Hi everyone. So Ive been shared a directory with hundreds of files over some website using google drives API which I would like to clone to my local hard drive. The issue is that the website doesnt seem to let you download entire directories (just like gdrive).

Ive been told it uses gdrive's API (so I think its actually hosted on googles servers, tho Im honestly not sure) and the guy who provided it doesnt seem any smarter than I am on how I could batch download everything.

I have been given a username and password which it prompts you to enter (works putting it in the url like in the below screenshot) when you first enter the site.

So, heres what it looks like:

And the config that Ive tried:
type = ftp
host =[some]file%where%thepercentage%sign%is%a%space/and%slashes´┐Żclare%new%sub%directories/some_file.mp4%/#
user = someusername
pass = some encrypted pass

of which didnt work. Like I said its supposedly using gdrive API but I couldnt quite figure out how I could use rclones gdrive feature whilst not actually connecting to

I should say that it doesnt prompt you to login with any authentication screen, it just sends a form like this:

If somebody knows of any simple program or script that could automatically download all the files by travelling across all the sub directories for example (or some chrome extension?), or any tool related that could help, please share.

All I want is to download the files in any way possible, doesnt necessarily need to be using rclone

Have you asked the website that shared their drive how you might be able to download all content at once?


if you think it is a gdrive, then why did you create a remote for ftp?

Because I'm not dure that it is a gdrive. I forgot to say that I also tried using http protocol

Yep, no response though (yet at least)

this video is about B2 cloud! But It maybe helps if you are using windows! Just watch it & got your idea & mount it directly to your pc! then Cut/copy - paste finish!

link Cheap cloud storage (Backblaze B2) mounted as Windows Drive! Use it with every software! - YouTube

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