How stable is bisync with Google Drive at the time being? Can it be used safely?

I would like to be able to mirror/bisync files from a google drive directory to a local storage where multiple people on multiple computers can change files (maybe not the same files at the same time) and all the changed files will sync between them.

So, the obvious answer might be "why not use google drives own client?". The issue we have been facing is that it generates weird file paths like: M:.shortcut-targets-by-id\1ufhIEC99vyE5UD5hF0CQDc4nNYdBMFPd\OurSharedFolder with a different random long string of letters on each machine/google account. We would however like to mount our drives on the same drive letter and under the same global paths on all of our machines as this helps some of the softwares that we use to find files in the project - which is why rclone came to mind.

What worries me is: Bisync concurrent modifications But I suppose thats not an issue for google drive as its not mentioned?

I dont really want to be responsible for file corruptions or accidentally deleting our entire gdrive so, can bisync be recommended at this time being? Otherwise, are there any other open source softwares that can be recommended?

Thanks for reading

bisync has not even had a first public release.
so i would assume if/when it is released, it would be at best experimental

same as

there are multiple topics in the forum about using rclone mount and freefilesync/syncthing or someother such stable bi-sync software.