How rclone move behaves if a file in path already exists in the remote?

I’m using a script to download stuff and upload with rclone…but it’s very stable…and each time it stops I need to reset and redownload all the files again.

I upload with /usr/sbin/rclone --config=/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf move $FROM $TO -c --no-traverse --transfers 100 --checkers 100 --min-age 5m --log-file=$LOGFILE2 --exclude-from /root/exclude-file.txt

Will rclone just ignore the files, upload them again, or delete the files locally ? @ncw

With rclone move it will check the local file against the remote and if it is different it will transfer it, if it is the same it won’t. Then when rclone is sure the remote file is OK it will delete the local file.

I made a test, downloaded a file from google drive web client and put on my file that my cronjob uploads…the file then is deleted after some time and nothing appears on the web client.

That sounds like what you expected?

Yeah but it wasn’t that clear in the documentation…

Just looking at the docs for move. You are right it doesn’t say explicitly that is what will happen, it is only implied.

Fancy sending a PR with some doc improvements?

Ok. Will do soon! Thanks for the awesome software