How rclone help me to migrate my 1Tb of data to s3

Please suggest me way where rclone can help me on migrating the data around 1 TB to s3 which is faster then aws cli

Check rclone documentation on rclone copy/move/sync.

Setup your S3 remote and try. If you have any issues then ask on the forum.

hi, need to establish baseline performance.
what is the results of a internet speed test?
what is the max speed you get with aws cli?
what is the mix of files, mostly large, mostly small, etc...

could you please provide me command to migrate the data using rclone, I already setup the remote drive using rclone, give me command like that if start migration fast rather then take 1 hour to read data

I have around 1 tb of data and I want to migrate using rclone, provide me the full rclone command which includes --s3-upload-concurrency
provide me rclone copy command

I have 4 GB of ram

Start with simple approach using default values:

rclone copy src: dst:

Migration speed will mostly depend on your network connection speed.

If you have any issues post all details (as per template) and we will try to improve it.

does it will upload recursively or I have to add any tag in the command to do so

It will work recursively -

one more issue here is detected that, once I transfer my 50 GB of data here in this below folder

foldername : demo

this folder is taking half hour open and still it is not open properly, I am talking about the remote drive folder where 50 gb of storage is there

I can not see your screen and what you are doing. Please follow the template and post details.

I am using this command
rclone mount remotename:bucketname/foldername S: --vfs-cache-mode full --dir-cache-time 10s

and below is the ss I am facing the issue when I am click on the folder of remote drive which contains 50 GB of storage

it turns into not responding, and I am using this rclone version
rclone v1.65.1

Do not use rclone mount for migrating data. Use rclone copy/move/sync

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