How Rclone behaves when it runs parallely

Hi so basically i have scheduled a job in rclone for every 2 mins lets say.
Now in my source we have 3 files of size 3gb, 3gb and 5 gb.

The first time when rclone job ran its tarted the transfer of files. lets call it A job
When next job ran it also started the transfer of file. lets call it B job

so what i want to understand is

  1. suppose A started, will it pick the files one by one or parallelly will start transferring all the files?
  2. If yes, it will start parallelly so the second job B will pick the Remaining unfinished size of the file which is yet to be moved by job A?-- in this case How A and B will transfer the files because both will be transferring the same parts of the file. one of them will never finish in this way because other would transfer it.

its kinda comfusing could anyone please explain.

That's all dependent on how you setup the jobs, OS, what commands you are running, what store backends could come into play as it's not a general question.

Rclone doesn't do any magic.

If you have Host A and Host B both transferring a file, whoever finishes first gets an upload, B probably overwrites A or if it's an identical file, skips it.

OKay thanks,
i need some further explanation is needed please explain : so its like if A is transferring the 1 gb file and by the time b started a had already transferred 500 mb, so b will pick up 500 mb and start transferring?
what will happen to the transfer which A was going. they will overwrite each other.

sorry these are very naive questions but i'm trying to understand!

A starts
B starts after.

A finishes, you have a file.
B finishes later, overwrites the file

There's generally no picking up but since I have no idea what remote or what is going on, it's very hard to be specific since you deleted the whole help and support template and didn't use it so you get a general answer which might not be true in every case.

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not sure your exact use-case, but might try something like --check-first --immutable --transfers=1

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