How, on the remote, to update folder timestamp that of its newest member?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I’d like to bring about the following.

My remote has a folder called ‘scripts’ and within that folders called ‘Mon’, ‘Tues’, etc. If I copy a new file - or new version of a file - to, say, /scripts/Tues, then the timestamp of /scripts, and indeed of /scripts/Tues, does not get updated. I’d like it to get updated (so that I can see which of the ‘Mon’, ‘Tues’ etc. subfolders is the most recent. Please advise! Thank you.

rclone doesn’t support syncing timestamps of directories yet :frowning:

Not all cloud providers support this (in fact the bucket based remotes don’t really support the idea of directories at all).

Which provider are you using?

Ah. Thank you for the information.

I am using Google Drive.

I’m pretty sure google drive folders do support setting the modification time independently so if rclone does gain this feature then drive will support it.

Note there is an issue about this here: