How is the security in transit data on Rclone between different Cloud?

Hi, There is a business demand that will transfer data from Alibaba OSS to Google Cloud Platform. But because of company comliance, I don't know if Rclone is safe in transit or not. What is the protocal used in transit?(Https, TLS?)
If so, is that possible to set our own SSL certification?

Thank you so much!!!

For just about everything it's HTTPS with an exception for the FTP backend and maybe something else.

For those platforms the data will be TLS encrypted in transit.

No, because rclone acts as a client to both Alibaba and GCS so we use their TLS certificates.

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Thank you for answering!!

Do we have any document which explains encryption in transit for Rclone in detail that I can reference? Thanks

We don't have a doc explaining that, but perhaps we should as this question comes up often enough.

Are you looking for this for compliance purposes?

I'm not sure you want to try to do something like that as it's a never ending ask. Something simpler about using HTTPS/etc is probably enough for general documentation as you don't want to be in the business of writing audit/compliance documentation.

I was thinking of something lightweight like an FAQ,

As for compliance docs - If these are needed then I'd certainly have a go but it would be a cost plus extra!

Thank you for answering again!

The thing is I need something like document for reference because everything related to encryption in transit/security on using Rclone that kind of information, I get it from Rclone Forum by searching on others post. I might explain to my client that Rclone does work with https in transit, So I need more offical document to show them.

@Vincentnima would a faq entry do?

Hi @ncw, Thank you for answering,

I think if there is something related to encryption in transit show on FAQ will be helpful.

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