How I can download all data from Google Drive to external drive (HDD) without affect to SSD life on my laptop?

Hi, my English not well but I will try explain my problem. I hope everyone can understand it. :sweat_smile:

Recently, I received email from Google Workspace about "You've exceeded the pooled storage limit for your account", I think that you knew it. My Google Drive using over 100TB and I want to download all data to my external drive (HDD) but I worry that my laptop using SSD, while downloading data, data still has to be written to the SSD in the first place, before it is then moved off to the external drive (HDD), SSD in my laptop will died before I can download all data from Google Drive (I mean TBW (Tera Bytes Written) of my SSD is about 70TB).

Thanks so much! :heartpulse:

gdrive to external HDD:
rclone will not use local SSD, will not create a local cache, will not create local files.
the transfer is done in memory.

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