How does Scrypt use Salsa?

For example Bcrypt uses Blowfish to encrypt a derived key from the passphrase, and Blowfish is a cryptographic algorithm, but here it is said that:

Note that Salsa20/8 Core is not a cryptographic hash function since it is not collision-resistant.

So how this is useful in Scrypt?

Is there a rclone related question here?

On this page:

reads "Rclone uses a scrypt with parameters N = 16384, r = 8, p = 1 with an optional salt supplied by the user (password2) to derive key material.

And I want to understand Scrypt better. When searching for documentation:

I didn't understand the Scrypt function either as this feature used Salsa.

It just uses a small part of salsa and the exact bit it uses is shown in the RFC.

If you want to ask questions about scrypt you'd be better off asking here as I just used the scrypt library as a well tested and verified black box!

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