How does rclone work at the "physical layer"?

Sorry for my bad english.

I am curious about what resources will be used when rclone is copied from one cloud storage to another.

For example, if I copy from google to onedrive, will rclone download the google data to disk or ram and then upload it to OD?

Will running rclon use my own network bandwidth? (Assuming download and upload are required).

I want to avoid lot of reading and writing to the SSD, which will reduce the lifespan of my SSD.

Thanks for your answer.

If you copy from most remotes to other clouds remotes, it copies everything in memory with no disk traffic.

For Google to OneDrive, that would be the case.

It does use your Internet to transfer as well.

Sorry I don't quite understand.

So will the data be downloaded to the memory first?
What does that have to do with disk traffic?
Will the data be saved to disk and uploaded?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

**Oh, I saw your answer before editing, so it does not go through the disk, I understand. Thank you

Sorry as my phone auto corrected me.