How do you sync desktop to your mobile phone (android)

can anyone tell me how to sync my files on desktop to my android device?

i can setup ftp server on android if that helps


some rcloners, including myself, use run rclone on
some rcloners root their device and use GitHub - Magisk-Modules-Repo/com.piyushgarg.rclone

do i really need rclone on my android to do this?

if you want to use rclone to sync to ftp, the first step is to create and then test a ftp remote documented at

the problem with ftp is that it does not support the following features and rclone ftp support has lots of issues.

on android, i use servers ultimate pro, which can run as ftp, or much better sftp.

another option, rclone can emulate a sftp server, with encryption and checksum support.
as documented at
so on android, i could run rclone serve sftp and have the desktop sync to that.

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