How do I use rclone to store files in dropbox's root?

windows 10 rclone 1.63

How do I use rclone to store files in dropbox's root?

I created a dropbox remote, rclone -v lsd "dropboxremote:" returns the things inside a folder on dropbox that is "MY NAME"

I cannot function this way because my name is long and eats into my maximum path length resulting in errors like path/malformed_path

I don't blame the error though, I'd rather my path were just shorter, and I reckon it's over the limit because of this extra folder.

Yes this is purely a question of how to configure setup and interface with dropbox's website, BUT it's a concern no one on earth who isn't using rclone would have. So I reckon someone on this forum knows what to do.

EDIT: Alternatively it's possible dropbox hates emoji's more than googledrive, but I'd rather rule out the issue in this thread first :smiley:


rclone -v lsd "dropboxremote:/

as per docs

That did it!!! Thanks. Here's hoping that dropbox supports server side transfer so I can instantly fix it.

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for path length issue I would also suggest to use crypt and base32768 names encoding

Read rclone crypt docs

I'm on crypt obsfucate filenames because I heard that ate up less path length. But this migration is remote to remote (I'm moving the encrypted data without the ability to see what it is.)

your choice - base32768 will eat even less - and it is true encryption not some obfuscation voodoo

Interesting this is actually quite hard, server-side move operations are slower than uploading because they don't benefit via batch, hmm, maybe I should try visiting the website for this move.

Hmm, I am now mildly concerned that I can't benefit anymore from true encryption because the remote dropbox has already seen some of the obsfucated filenames and if I change them to truly encrypted wouldn't they be able to use the historical reference to undo it? hmm (TLDR: I should've asked you this a week ago not today.)

Could still be worth it though if it makes for shorter paths.

well. security and confidentiality it tough business you should not rely on public forums advice - from anyone. but all depends on your adversary. If it is any 3 letters agency you are cooked already. But if not then just try to do what is the best moving forward. Most people problem are bots picking up their pirated video files:) not many people care about it but some bounty hunters. rclone is only a tool - how you use it is up to you

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Apparently base32768 requires utf-8 and/or utf-16 support? How can I be sure dropbox supports this? It doesn't seem to be listed on Dropbox

Agree. To be 100% safe you should stick to base32 (it works on any remote). Obviously you have to make sure your paths lengths are short enough.

Also, uh, did I do something wrong if my base32768 is all in japanese? or is that the whole point of it? that it has a larger alphabet so it needs less path length?

And just to be sure I understand base32 takes up more path length than obsfucate (that's what I originally concluded.)

edit: If base32768 is supposed to stick to the western alphabet, what did I do wrong to make it jump to another alphabet?

TLDR: Is it broken slash how do I fix it? heh.

It is not japanese:) It contains 32k characters and indeed majority of them are from east asian scripts. Here you can find sample of files containing every single character used in base32768 encoding.

base32 is very space inefficient but 100% compatible with all remotes (it encodes 5 bits per character).

base32768 encodes 15 bits per character - but characters are UTF16 so its efficiency depends on remote - does it count real characters or bytes - still always better than base32 or base64. It has been tested and is officially recommended as encoding for dropbox and onedrive.

It has some theoretical problems - but in normal usage they pretty much can be ignored.

I use base32 on all my remotes - but it is a bit orthodox approach. It gives you some serious restrictions on possible path length but is easily transferable between any remotes.

At the end you have to decide yourself what you want to use weighting pros and cons.

Very good explanation thanks. I had a guess it was something like that in regards to the bigger alphabet, although wowzer is it even bigger than I imagined.

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