How do I use rclone to download all of my files from webdav nextcloud account?

I have set up a my webdav nextcloud files on linux in rclone.conf file.

type = webdav
url = Username>
vendor = nextcloud
user = My Username
pass = My password

I want to just copy all of my files and folders from my us cloudamo storage to my folder. Not sync.

How about this?

rclone -vP copy UsCloudamoWebDAV:/ /path/to/local/folder

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make sure to test first by using --dry-run

What do you mean "/ /path/to/local/folder"

Because I'm confusing.

How do I use --dry-run?

why not read the documentation

and before trying to copy files, make sure a simple command works.
rclone ls UsCloudamoWebDAV:

The first '/' is the root of the WebDAV folder tree (for copying everything) and /path/to/local/folder could be any (full or relative) path to local destination folder (can also be replaced by a dot '.' which represents current folder).

I try. Not working. I'm not sure what to do. I even try

rclone copy source:sourcepath dest:destpath. However I don't understand this source:sourcepath dest:destpath. I'm complete lost.

before copying files, make sure you can list the files.
rclone ls UsCloudamoWebDAV:

What exactly did you try that didn't work?

source:sourcepath and dest:destpath indicate two remotes.

rclone remotes (usually cloud accounts) has a colon after their names, that's how the program knows we're calling a remote. Right after the colon you may specify a path in the remote's filesystem (can be empty for root folder).

However for calling your local machine's filesystem (where rclone is installed) you simply specify a path without any colon.

You may want to check rclone web GUI if you're not yet comfortable with Linux terminal.

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good advice, and to add to that, many rcloners use rclone browser

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