How do I set a setting like client_id to blank using rclone config?

How do I set a setting like client_id to blank using rclone config?


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Let's say I have a remote, it's got settings, with values, I want o set one of those values to blank. But if I just hit enter on a blank line while editing a remote, instead of setting it to blank, it simply doesn't edit it. This is great 99.9999% of the time, but if I wanted to set something to blank via rclone config is there a way? Or do I have to delete the remote and remake it?

edit: Why do I care at all? getting an access token via noVNC on a remote server without the ability to copy/paste is a nightmare :slight_smile:

I do not think it is possible.

Connect to remote over ssh then you can copy/paste without issues.

It would be cool if there was something magical you could type to blank a setting, like "blank this setting". This remote server isn't set up for ssh, it doesn't have a domain, and it doesn't have to do anything ever except run one or two rclone commands, I can use an automatic key program to input copy/pasted data, so it's only the authorize string I need to manually type, it's pretty tough though as it's quite long and I always have at least one hidden typo.

Now in hindsight setting ssh would've been correct, but in foresight I didn't except dropbox to burn out in two weeks :slight_smile:

I see indeed it is a problem:) But not sure why copy/paste does not work. Maybe it is noVNC limitation. Normally you have to configure autocutsel on your remote machine and it works.

Googling it implies noVNC has a limitation that doesn't allow copy/paste, likely due to not allowing things like ctrl, so it would be hard to do anything like copy/paste. autocutsel might solve the problem, but typing 30 random letters and numbers correctly one more time is probably easier for me than learning how to set up autocutsel :slight_smile:

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I'd just use vi on said machine to edit rclone.conf and blank the lines there.
Fast and easy.

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