How do I purge with a wildcard?

How would I go about purge multiple directories that contain the word greys (Case sensitive)?

My initial idea was:

rclone --checkers 2 purge -vv -n --include "greys*" "gcrypt:/"

But in the dry run it didn’t say it would delete the right directories so I’m hesitant to run it.

Can someone give me the magic command I need to run in order to do it properly?

I don’t think purge uses wildcards based on the docs:

I’d use delete and dry-run to make sure. I’d personally just use a mount and use a find command as that’s a bit easier if that’s possible for you.

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I just mounted the remote on windows via:

rclone -vv mount gcrypt: Z:

I deleted the files, they went away. I closed down the mount process, relaunched it, and the files are still there. I checked on another machine with rclone lsd gcrypt: and they are still there. :confused:

Okay, so since I had another machine with a mount, it didn’t like all the deletes and kinda I guess locked the files in a state where they’d show they were deleted but if you refreshed they were still there. All good now.