How do I mount a directory from a Linux host onto Windows?

I am trying to mount a directory from a Linux (guest) running inside a Virtual Machine onto the Windows (host)

The documentation is entirely useless to me, as it nowhere explains where to define the IP address? The configuration file is also confusing... where do I define the remote entires? The user mounting the drive, or on the server?

I've spent at least an hour trying to figure this out... I'm completely stumped.

If only somebody could provide me with an example config and explanation about what goes in and where these configs go to.

Alrighty. I've read through the docs, and realized that rclone itself can't be used as a server (I think) and so I deployed SFTP on the server and now I'm able to mount the directory from Linux onto Windows!

rclone ftw!

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone can emulate a sftp server
rclone serve sftp

are you using WSL?

I am using Linux hosted inside VMware, and mounting using the native rclone.exe on Windows.

I did not realize that the serve command exists. I will be looking into that when I got time!
Thanks for pointing it out.

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