How do i know if my rclone is running with using client id?

Im using google drive
How do i know if my rclone mount work with using client id instead of default config? I know i can check in ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

but I dont know why im still doubting if it's working with client id.

I input all client id and client secrent, nothing problem with it because i read the docs from rclone how to make client id

What command am i running is rclone mount without verbose

Log into your GSuite account and check the API hits.

No traffic data

Still no changes

So that would indicate you aren't using it.

Since you deleted the help and support template and gave none of that detail, it's hard to help you out further. Why did you delete it and not use it?

I dont understand you mean, i dont feel i deleted something

When you post a help and support template question, you get:

Okay im sorry

So during making client id i chose INTERNAL which it's not tested in documentation yet, now i changed it to EXTERNAL.

From this site Google drive

Im gonna try doing exact thing in my other account since the matric is displayed at there account.

I actually have two account's google which connected to rclone and different VM.

The one account (which in this case) is not showing metric.

And the another one account showed the display matric and have value. Idk what am i doing, i was using rclone beta latest version for both account. I think i just need repeat the exactly step what did i do with worked account.

Also im wonder why google need verification for OAUTH client. Maybe because i checkbox all scopes. Why i checkbox it because i have no idea what should i chose so i grant all scopes.

About the command i try to run is

rclone mount remote:

Ofcourse i dont have issue with it, its worked but im just not sure its running using with client id configuratiin

Are you sharing your Google Drive outside of your domain?

I just use internal:


How do i know if i shareing outside of my domain?

You'd be the one to set it up if you are sharing it so you'd know.

If you use internal, you can only have people in the same GSuite use it.

No i dont configure it as shared drive (TEAM DRIVE) because im not sure so i choose default option thats (no). Yes what google account am i used is gsuite. It email ended with

Thank you for your response, its worked now i delete old config from rclone config command and make new one instead of edit it.

You can see theres 42 request recently


That's great news!

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