How do I force rclone to upload only changed files?

i have a disk with a lot of data (but small in size, about 100mb) but i will add a lot of data to itin the future.

from what I saw, rclone copy command coppies everything and overwrites if theres something with that name

but How do I tell rclone to only UPDATE the files that need to be updated, i mean these that were changed?

Sounds like you want to use rclone sync.

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great! thanks. do you know if that works with encrypted files? (with using crypt remote)

Yes, it does. Just use the encrypted remote name.

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i have one more question if you dont mind. do you lose files using this method? it states it loses files

Sync makes A look like B.

If something gets deleted on A, it gets removed on B.

I could be confused if that’s not what you are trying to do.

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Oh ok. Its fine then. Thanks a lot.

Does it mean i cant encrypt filenames? Because then they will always have different encrypted name and rclone probably wont be able to check if its same file or not?

Are you meaning to use the rclone encryption so you’d upload a plain file to an encrypted rclone location?

That’s fine as the rclone will know the start file is the same name once uploaded. If you look at the mount without the encrypted mount, you’d just see jibberish for the names.

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I use rclone copy daily to backup some folders with some data… It NEVER overwrites data that hasn’t changed!

rclone copy
Copy files from source to dest, skipping already copied
Copy the source to the destination. Doesn’t transfer unchanged files, testing by size and modification time or MD5SUM. Doesn’t delete files from the destination.