How deal with space in folders and files name using rclone

Hi everyone, i just started using rclone.
I made a synchronisation of files on my server and dropbox, unfortunately i have two problems : frist i can't recover folders with space in their name when using the rclone copy command, rclone consider space like a separation between two options in the command. How can i deal with it?
Second, i use crypt remote but i just check rclone can't crypt all files in my crypt remote.
Thanks for your help

Please provide all details as per help and support template.

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same as with any program, enclose the string with quotes

check out the rclone docs
If your names have spaces or shell metacharacters (e.g. *, ?, $, ', ", etc.) then you must quote them.
Use single quotes ' by default.

the quote varius with different operating sytesms.
on windows, using cmd.exe , need to use "
rclone ls "remote:foldername with space/filename with space.ext"

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