How complicated would it be to swap over an un-encrypted mount to an encrypted one, without causing too much disruption to a large working Plex server?

Ok, so here’s the thing;

I have a fully working Plex server on a remote Ubuntu box that uses rclone as a mount.

It works perfectly, however I have done things a little arse about face as I only set up a an encrypted drive retrospectively. Therefore my Plex is accessing media from an un-encrypted gdrive account and only later on is a backup being made to a second encrypted gdrive account.

How complicated would it be to re-link Plex, Sonarr and Radarr to my encrypted backup gdrive? Would this just be a case of changing paths and things should just work out of the box? Or is it more complicated than that?

Alternatively can I just encrypt the initial un-encrypted gdrive and have both this and the backup encrypted?

Keeping everything encrypted would give me peace of mind, but I want to find a solution that causes the least disruption.


It’s not hard at all per se, but comes down to how much data you have. The only way to encrypt it is to upload it again basically and the limit for that is 750GB per day.

Once all the files are sync’ed up, you can flip your config once it’s complete to basically swap over the old with the new so you’d have no changes in any of the other configs. That’s the easy part actually.

So would the easiest way to do this be to mount my already encrypted backup and then change the paths in Sonarr, Radarr and Plex etc.

Once everything was working I could start a new encrypted backup as that would take just over a month I guess

Does that sound about right?

I would just run something to sync from old to new and make sure to limit the bandwidth so you don’t go past the 750GB limit per day and just it run for some time.

rclone sync unencrypt: encrypted: --tpslimit 5 --bwlimit 8M --fast-list

Once that finally finished you’d just change the mount from the unecrypted to the encrypted as it all should be the same paths.

Well this is my existing backup script;

/media/dma/craftyclown/bin/rclone copy "gdrive:/The Skull/" "RichFlixCrypt:/Encrypted/" -v --min-age 1m --log-file=/media/dma/craftyclown/RichFlix-encryptedbackup.log --bwlimit 8500

Would the paths not already be the same? What do I gain from creating a new encrypted backup first? Unless I’m misunderstanding you?

I’d think you would want to sync them rather than copy to make sure A matches B.

I wasn’t saying to create a new encrypted remote if you already have one. I was just using an example to show the command.

The paths would remain the same as once the copy/sync finishes, you’d simply change the mount command to mount “RichFlixCrypt:/Encrypted/” instead of “gdrive:/The Skull/”

So it should be as simple as changing this part of my rclone.service script from:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount “gdrive:/The Skull” /home/craftyclown/Skull \


ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount “RichFlixCrypt:/Encrypted” /home/craftyclown/Skull \

Once is the copy/sync has everything, yes, it should be that simple.

Brilliant! So the only downside I see is that I can no longer manage my files via the google interface. not the end of the world I guess.

If your upload speed is sufficient you can also consider creating a Team Drive, give multiple accounts access to it. Then create multiple API’s in your admin console (one for each account). And then in Rclone you mount the Team Drive multiple times but with the different accounts. This gives you 750GB per day X number of accounts. Which makes a big transfer a bit more do-able.

After you’ve uploaded everything to the team drive, you can move the files from the Gdrive GUI from Team Drive to your personal drive if that is what you want. Google will handle the transfer on their side so it doesn’t count towards your quota.