How can two rclone instance (running in two machine) can point to same config file

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I want to have 2 rclone instances (running in two machine) and any point of time any one of that will be running (primary and stand by mode).

How can these two rclone instance point to same config file? so that any instance which is primary can create remote and use it and later when it goes down another instance which become primary also should be able to do same?

I am thinking of NFS or something like that, could you please suggest on various/better options


The config file doesn't change very often - only when tokens are updated and an old copy of the config file will work fine - the tokens would get refreshed anyway.

So I wouldn't over complicate things with NFS - I'd just copy (with rclone probably!) the config file from the primary to the standby once a day or once an hour.

With NFS you have another point of failure between your primary and secondary whereas copying the config file makes them completely stand alone.

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what storage are you using?
gdrive, s3, onedrive or what?

if your remote does not use a token, then ok to run multiple rclone instances at the same time.
for example, S3, by default, does not use tokens.

and some providers, such as gdrive, have an option to use a token or a serivce file.
when using a service file, there is no token, so the rclone config file will not change.

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