How can move file without original directory structure

Hi guys
I’d like to extract the file of the specified type on the same Google Drive, and ignoring the directory structure. Will following code like:

rclone move googledrive:20191014 googledrive:20191015 --include *.mp4

If I have this original directory structure like

│── 1
│ └── 1-A.mp4
├── 2
│ └── 2-B.mp4
├── 3
│ └── 3-C.mp4

and the final directory(20191015) structure is the same as the original directory

But I want to get the final directory structure is:

│── 1-A.mp4
├── 2-B.mp4
├── 3-C.mp4

So what's flag should I add in my code that makes the final directory structure like above?
Thanks very much!

That will preserve the directory structure which isn't what you want. Rclone doesn't have a way of flattening the directory structure at the moment (though it has been requested in the past).

I would use rclone mount and move them around in the shell.

Thanks for your answer
Finally I use rclone mount into a network drive on windows10 and search *.mp4 then ctrl+x all to move them from the other directory.

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As NCW says - rclone isn't really set up to do file-organizing and sorting. It just has the tools relevant to storage.

It sounds like what you probably would want to do is mount the drive, and then find a good third-party tool that specifically is made to do large-scale reorganization of files. Then just let that act through rclone and do the job that way. While I can't suggest any particular name of such a tool I have seen many examples of them, so do a little googling and I'm sure you will find something relevant you can use.

Or at worst - a little home-scripting would solve this fairly easily, but why reinvent the wheel when there is almost certainly a proper tool for it already? :smiley:

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