How can I upload to cloud my archives from external HDD with raspberry pi?


First I’m sorry if my English is bad!

I have an account in uptobox, ifichier and amazon cloud. I also have a raspberry pi with an external hdd with files that I want to make a copy in a password cloud (uptobox, ifichier or amazon cloud). Is it possible to do this ???

How can I do it? It is possible after doing it automatically each time I download a file.

I do not know if I am understanding your question in the correct way.
Rclone runs on Pi.
You can use sync or copy with Rclone and encryption to copy files from local Pi HDD to Amazon Cloud Drive ACD
You can try to mount the remote ACD and use it like any other filesystem, more or less.


Thanks for the answer!

How can I install rclone in my raspberry pi if I have an “image” preinstalled… Is possible install from console and don’t destroy “image”.

And rclone only have 13 remote service?? I hace uptobox, but i don’t see in the list. Is possible add new remote services? Beause with rclonebrowser i can’t do it.