How can I test crypt password, or how can I unobfuscate password from config?


I have come to the realization that I do not have one of my crypt passwords written down anywhere, however, I do have the existing configuration file with the password and the salt (though I am not aware of the bit size used on it to salt).

What would be the best way for me to successfully either:

  1. Move the data from the encrypted drive (GDrive specifically) to another encrypted drive (Gdrive) instantaneously? When I have used sync from a GDrive to GDrive, it still takes some amount of time it seems to make those transfers occur.
  2. Is there a better way to recover the password and salt used from the config?

While I have now saved the obfuscated salt and password,. I just want to make sure I have the originals.

If I set up another service account for the sole purpose of moving content, would that bypass any bandwidth limitation I have at my home and rely only on Google's API?


rclone config dump would list all the info in the config file including passwords.

if you plan to use the same passwords for both the source remote and dest remote, then you can move the file quickly, without the need to download the encrypted source files, decrypt them, re-encrypt them and upload them to dest remote.

you should read this
and you should be able to use this flag.

The config only contains an obfuscated password though, for instance, if I run that command rclone config dump I am still presented with the original password I used for my latest new crypt entry (let's call it crypt2. And this is expected, as rclone saves the obfuscated password, but what I am trying to obtain is the original password for crypt1 that the obfuscated password is derived from.

When doing the backup for a crypted remote, rclone's documentation states that the password must be the same between the two remotes, and while I have the obfuscated password, if I were to ever loose that obfuscated password I would loose access to the entire share. Where as if I had the original password, I could come up with the obfuscated password again.

The server-side-across-configs does seem interesting, I will start reading that.

as long as you have the rclone.conf file you should be ok

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