How can I programmatically add the fields password and password2

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I'm using Ansible to setup the rclone mounts and the configuration file but I'm not quite sure how I can generate the values for password and password2.
Does anyone have a hint for me?

Thank you in advance!

What do you mean by password and password2? Can you share what you've done and what boxes you are trying to fill in?

Sorry, obviously I didn't described this understandable: password and password2 are fields in the configuration file.
For testing I went manually through the crypt description like described on the website.
Then I had a look on what's generated in the config file (~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf), because I generate the config file with Ansible and want to add encryption to it.

When adding the crypted account manuall, the regular password is added hashed(?) in the field password and the passphrase for the salt is added hashed(?) in the field password2.
Now I obviously would love to know how I can generate these entries programmatically with Ansible because I obviously can't use the clear text variants here.

I have little knowledge of Ansible, password and password2 fields can generated from plain text programmatically.

These fields have be obscured this algorithm:

You can use and pass the parameters to the create command.

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I thought it was working properly but it wasn't:

I've executed the command like this:

rclone config create repository_name \
      "crypt" \
      "remote" "foo:bar" \
      "filename_encryption" "standard" \
      "directory_name_encryption" "true" \
      "password" "some_password" \
      "password2" "some_salt_password"

But this way some_password and some_salt_password are written in plaintext into the config.

According to the documentation, this shouldn't be the case:

If any of the parameters passed is a password field, then rclone will automatically obscure them before putting them in the config file.

So I still don't know how to add the password fields programmatically.

Or is this a bug?

When I run that exact command, I get the following rclone.conf:

(Passwords are fine here as this is just a test config so I'm showing them on purpose)

type = crypt
remote = foo:bar
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password = ci3JRyFvZCaCTPJHiqBDzqQ1yQIpKtaedvlgt5Y
password2 = js1i4bh_52ajUenkzRZ-cRUcYO0MtkeAZcSicXy-uMJF_w

and everything looks encrypted

Strange indeed. It works with some_password and some_salt_password. But it doesn't seem to work with other passphrases.

rclone config create repository_name "crypt" \
      "remote" "foo:bar" \
      "filename_encryption" "standard" \
      "directory_name_encryption" "true" \
      "password" "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
      "password2" "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Try this one.

type = crypt

did you leave this out on purpose?

See this item:

Ah, I see. therefore the documentation is wrong until 3728 is fixed.

There are some caveats to it as it isn't quite clear and tries to be a bit too smart.

You can always work around it as described in that issue as well.

Yes that could do with a tweak!

I have replied with a fix for this on the issue.

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I hope this is not considered as SPAM or so but I want to have this mentioned:

Thank you so much for being so helpful and for fixing this! rclone is awesome and it really makes me happy!

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