How can I extract Google drive files from terminal to my computer via Rclone

hello i am new and i don't know english i use google translate.

I backed up my files to Google Drive with Rclone. Now I need to download the backup I made using the terminal. Can't find how to do it? can anyone help?

Thanks in advance...

Download and install rclone:

Create a remote by following the directions at:

And you can use rclone copy or rclone mount once you get a remote going and decide how you want to get the files.

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Thanks, I started using the "mount" command and I will be able to get my work done.

I have one more question. I hope it is answered. Does it do a sync when I use the "mount" command? The file I deleted via Google Drive was also deleted from local.

I wouldn't use the word sync as it is a mount of your remote folder. If you do something on either side, it'll reflect those changes.

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I just want to download the backup I made to a new disk again?

you can use rclone sync to copy the files from gdrive to local

I think I solved my problem. I thought I could only copy to a remote connection with "copy". I noticed that when I relocate the file paths, I get what I want.

To give an example:

local to remote
$rclone copy local/path remote_name:remote/path

remote to local
$rclone copy remote_name:remote/path local/path

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the reply but I already created the remote connection.

Yes. thanks I can it.

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