How can i decrypt my crypt files on windows?

I downloaded my crypt files with the google drive on another Laptop, how can I decrypt it now?

Use the same remote you used to upload it.

With zero details shared and you've ignored our template, it's tough to answer with any specifics.

If you've rclone copy cryptremote: and you've rclone copied using the same remote, it decrypt its.

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But suppose, I deleted that remote by mistake Or I'm trying to decrypt files in another laptop.
And I know the passwords of the encrypted files then, Is it possible to decrypt files in such case?

Yes it is.

You'd recreate the remote using all the same configuration.

Yes, I know that if I type this command, it will work.
rclone copy "ode:" "C:\Users\laksh\Desktop\Decrypted Folder"
here 'ode' is the crypt remote
With the help of this command, I have decrypted the files from google drive to my pc using Internet.

But what I'm trying is that, to decrypt my files from my pc's download folder to my pc's desktop folder. I don't want to use the internet anymore because I have already downloaded the crypted files.
I am trying to run this command.
rclone copy "ode:\C:\Users\laksh\Downloads\Encrypted Folder" "C:\Users\laksh\Desktop\Decrypted Folder"
I want to do something like that, How can I do that?

you need to create a remote for the local crypted files.
all the settings are the same as ode:, except for remote =
for example,

type = crypt
remote = C:\Users\laksh\Downloads\Encrypted Folder
password = same as password from ode:
password2 = same password  from ode:

I can't believe this, It worked :grin:, Thanks :+1:

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