How can a local file system write using seek when the vfs cache mode is set to off?

Using the local file system as the backend, with cache set to off, vfs cannot write using seek, What do I need to do to support seek?

I answered you on the github issue already :frowning:

You can't. You have to use write mode or full as that is required for seek.

However, if the cache mode is enabled, there will be two files in the local, and in the case of large files, the speed is slow. Therefore, when using the local file system, is there a solution that does not use cache and can use seek? Otherwise, is there a problem with this vfs design?

Rclone is designed for cloud remotes generally and not for local.

That being said, again, there is no way to do that without using the cache mode.

No problem with the design either.

If what exists isn’t working, it’s open source so feel free to submit a PR or sponsor it if it is valuable for you,

Ok, thanks.

I'm not sure it's necessary to support it !

The point I want to discuss is whether it is necessary to implement write seek in local filesystem non-cache mode. :grinning:

I already know the reason and the answer, Thank you very much!

This is possible to implement, we just haven't done it!

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