Help with start up

Could somebody help me out please, ive tried using nssm to mount my google drive on startup but i cannot understand any of the instructions. couold somebody give me an easy to use tutorial or some steps please.

there are many posts in the forum about that, have a search.

you can use task scheduler, much easier to use

The thing with task scheduler is that it keeps the command prompt open.

click the 'hidden` checkbox.

even with that ticked it still opens command prompt

i always run my mounts as system user, which is always hidden.

I run the command
cd rclone
rclone mount gdrive: Q: --buffer-size 256M

in a bat file and on task scheduler to run on system startup with highest privlages and hidden ticked

look at the screenshot i posted, i run the mount as system user.
so the cmd is always hidden

and if you run the task, what happens?

thats the set up right now

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when i run it it opens command prompt says te file in the .cmd file then stays open. if i close the command prompt the mounted drive goes away

post the action like so

post the batch flie

i changed it to .cmd because i saw another post that used .cmd and no difference

really, never had a program run as system user, show a window.
lot's of poster do that.

can you post a snippet of the running cmd window?

--allow-other does nothing on windows, so you can remove that.

when you first posted, you should have been asked about which version of windows you are running?
i did noticed that your task and my task are running as differnet user.
take a good look at the screenshots.