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hello everyone i m really amazed by rclone (new user here) i ve just a little problem on mac (and on all cloud storage i tried).
i have a folder with lots of my automator project which are basically .app on mac.
rclone is super slow in uploading (syn) to cloud storage as it sees them as folder(so with lots of resources and launguages ,etc etc) and not zip as expected,on osx apps are similar to zip (as far as i know).
for dropbox the command i used is rclone sync /Users/Al3/Dropbox dropboxAle:/ --checkers 8 --transfers 8 --dropbox-batch-size 32 --ignore-errors --ignore-checksum --progress -l --skip-links --tpslimit 10.
maybe some flag that i dont know can solve my problem.
thanks for any help!

hello and welcome to the forum,

What is .app file Mac?
Although files with an APP extension appear to be single files, they are actually a hierarchy of files and folders that contain the executable program, other software components and data. I mean standard Mac app like Firefox, Automator apps are user created small apps (less than 1 mb) like get finder item and move to trash or rename and so on.

when you posted, there was a template of questions.
since you are new to the forum i have re-posted them for you to answer...

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I suspect your issue is that Automator .app "files" are not files but actually directories that macOS makes look like a file. You talked about zip and it isn't like that (where for example docx is actually a zip file). It is, to rclone, a directory.

I made a super simple 2 step automator and it is ~100 files all of which are super small! So the reason it is slow is that you have a lot of really small files in reality.

Now, what you could do is zip the while folder or even each automator app but you will have to unzip it to use it. Do not use the compression backend as that is not the same as zip (same compression algorithm but not in a container format).

Also, while I can see it helping with speed, why are you doing --ignore-errors --ignore-checksum? They are dangerous flags if you care about your data

thank you very much, i came to the same conclusion as you suggested i zipped the folder containing my automator "apps" i tought to disable checksum to increase speed i may be well wrong ,rclone still check file size and date? even with this flag or since you are more expert than me can u suggest some flag to speed up sync ,thank you very much.

i have a python script that creates .7z files.
i have found that the weak link is the speed of the internet connection.

depending on the backend, the amount of time needed to calculate the checksum is close to zero
some backends like s3, rclone must calculate the checksum before the upload starts.
some backends do not have that limitation, to calculate the checksum as the file is being uploaded.
not sure about dropbox, but a quick test would let is know...

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