Help with OneDrive to S3 sync

Guys, looking for help with the command to sync OneDrive to S3 storage.

I’ve configured the two remotes “onedrive” and “s3”

But i’ve not been able to follow the sync kb on how to initiate, any help much appreciated!

Firstly check that the commands work…

rclone lsf onedrive:

Should list the files in the onedrive


rclone lsd s3:

Should list the s3 buckets.

Assuming that all works, you will want to copy files from a onedrive path to an s3 bucket

rclone -v copy onedrive:path/to/folder s3:bucket

Note that s3 buckets are unique so you’ll have to choose a good name. You can create the bucket first with

rclone mkir s3:bucket

When you’ve got the copy command working, then replace it with sync to delete files in s3 that get deleted on onedrive.

Hope that helps!

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Perfect. Thanks Nick!

Completed the copy and tested a sync.

What’s the best practice for automating the sync?

Make a bash script and stick it on crontab (linux/macOS) or a .bat script and use windows scheduled tasks (Windows) seems to work for most people.

Use the --log-file flag to write the output to a log in case you need to examine it.

Note that you may want to use the –fast-list flag with s3. If you haven’t got too many files this will be cheaper and quicker.

Note also that reading the modification time takes an extra roundtrip with s3 so you might want to use --size-only in the sync. This will save you transactions too.

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Thanks again Nick, went with the batch file and scheduled task, all working great!

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