Help with moving mkv files in subfolders


I have a difficult situation....

I use RSS in rTorrent that download series to an folder. Rtorrent extract the files to an folder in that series folder. It looks like this:

The marked folder contains the mkv file i want to move using Rclone. I will have more episodes in their own folder. I want Rclone to move all the mkv´s and leave everything else.
It will be different series. Can i make some sort of sorting with Rclone to?
Or are there any more simple way to do this with Sonarr? I dont know if this is an Rclone or Sonarr question.

so you want to move all .mkv files,

rclone move source dest --include=*.mkv

Thank you!
I will try this!

you might want to add flag --dry-run

if i want o exlude the sample files in mkv do i put --exclude=sample.mkv

yes, but i suggest that you test with --dry-run and use a log file.

I will. THANK you so much!!

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