Help with filtering

how could i get rclone to download all jpg files which do not contain "thumb" in the name

match: abdc.jpg xxxxx.jpg house.jpg
not match: abc-thumb.jpg wings-thumb.jpg


Something like this should work:

rclone lsf --filter "- *thumb*.jpg" --filter "+ *.jpg" --filter "- *" remote:
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thank you.
I put the thumb in the second line and it did not go
now it works

what is the difference between this?
--filter "- thumb.jpg" --filter "+ *.jpg"
and this
--filter "+ *.jpg" --filter "- thumb.jpg"

From the docs,

Each file is matched in order, starting from the top, against the rule in the list until it finds a match. The file is then included or excluded according to the rule type.

As soon as it finds a match, it will stop iterating through the filters. So in your case, it will match the include rule for *.jpg and get added instead of being filtered out as you expect because of the thumb.jpg exclude rule.

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