Help with filtering - exclude files been modified

Can anybody point me in the right direction to help with a slightly more sophisticated filtering, basically I'm using motioneye, with rclone to backup the videos to gdrive. I want to achieve a copy, that copies everything apart from the file currently been written to.

I can see 2 possible ways to achieve this, either filter out all files with a modification time in the last 2 mins.


When the file is finished a file is created with the same name plus .thumb so back up all files with an associated .thumb file like an include-if-present but for files.

Any pointers would be most appreciated. Sure there must be a way to do this.

Third way, a little bit messy but I could write a python script to pick the files, then use rclone to copy them with -files-from

For anyone else with this problem --min_age=2m appears to work well.

I'm not quite following what you are trying to do but filter-from tends to be what I use:

Any open file that is writing will be skipped by rclone as it's being modified.

That is probably what I'd use - cheap and easy!

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