Help to mount directory with mail cloud in one way sync

Hi, I read all the instructions but nothing works, I ask for help. The task is as follows. There is a folder on the computer where files are added and deleted after a while. It is necessary to make sure that all files that appear in the local folder on the computer are immediately duplicated to the cloud. But at the same time, after all the files in the local folder are deleted, they would not be deleted from the cloud. I tried the --notre reverse command, but it works in the opposite direction, everything that is deleted on the cloud is not deleted in the local folder. Thanks

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rclone copy will copy files, not delete them
"Doesn't delete files from the destination"

--copyto is a one-time command that is not compatible with mounting. I would like to mount the folder, because instant changes in the folder are important to me and that they appear in the cloud immediately. Now I have implemented it, but with the help of inotify. But for some reason I thought that in rclone there is such a scenario of settings without using inotify

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