Help regarding --drive-shared-with-me flag

Referring to this issue which was solved sometime ago where --drive-shared-with-me flag was getting applied to both the source drive1: and the destination drive2:. which was causing same file duplication in destination drive while cloning for second time and causing --ingore-exisiting to not work as intended

Eventually a dedicated flag for this was added so that we can decide it for each remote individually

Now my question is regarding ideal usage of this flag in remote
Lets say my command is this...

gclone copy remote1:shared  remote2:td --drive-shared-with-me

Remote 1 is a shared folder and remote 2 is my team drive
So while using the above mentioned command seocnd time where i don't want remote2 to be treated as shared folder to avoid file duplication

What should be the ideal config from these -

  1. Using "shared_with_me = true" in remote1 and "false" in remote2
  2. Using "shared_with_me = true" in just remote 1
  3. Using "shared_with_me = false" in just remote 2

I know it doesn't sounds like a big deal but i don't want to do anything wrong by any chance , if somehow i get duplicite files in td , it will be very time consuming to clean and sort because there are lot many files

This is what I'd do.

I'd also rename the remote so it is called remote1shared so you don't get it mixed up with just remote1

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