Help on getting started with rclone, gdrive and Plex

Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup rclone with my Google Drive for my Plex server. But I need some help. I'm confused on couple of things and I hope I can get some help on how to get this setup.

How do I get started? I am lost honestly and searching just keeps me going down the same drain. I got some articles
byet-size hosting and guide by Animosity022
Can someone please suggest me on how to get started? Thank you.

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start with Animosity022 guide.

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I did, but I cannot understand how to use his rclone.conf and rclone.service files with rclone.

start simple.

create a config file that can access your gdrive.

Thanks for the help. I did create the gdrive. Is that it? Any suggestions on how to setup the cache/API rate limits?

Any suggestions on what to do when it hits the API limit?

Do you have your own Google client ID?

I think I do. I setup the application through the google developer portal and got my own API_id and secret and configured with rclone.

close to impossible to hit the limits.
would not worry about that.

many users to not use the cache remote.
they use VFS settings of the mount command.

now, create a rclone mount command.

Gotcha, I came across this mount command. What do you think of it?
rclone mount --allow-other --vfs-cache-mode writes gdrive: ~/mnt/gdrive &

i do not use --vfs-cache-mode writes.
if you copy/move files, you do no need that flag.
if you plan to edit/modify existing files, then you need that flag.

I see. just to clarify, if I simply want to read the files off my Google drive that flag is not required?

I have a Google Team Drive thats already setup, I just want to configure Plex + Rclone to stream off it, for uploading it's through the web browser since that happens elsewhere.

you do not need that flag to read files.

i use --read-only, to make sure that nothing can create files on the remote.
run plex and point it ot the mount.

i use emby instead of plex but that idea is the same.
i tell emby that when it scans the mount, not to create thumbmails and not to download any metadata from the internet.

great thanks.
any reason for choosing emby over Plex?
also how do you handle not having the metadata?

about emby,
i like to run apps that are open source, small, portable, no install, just a bunch of files.
but now emby is closed source and i need to find a new choice

i use vlc to stream from emby via dlna

until recently, i did not use plex or emby, i used
rclone serve dlna

about the metadata, really do not need thumbnails, kind of annoying
i view my media files in folder mode.

I see. I might switch to Emby since they seem to have the feature to add users without needing the subscription.

Run both and see what works for your setup.

In general. Plex is more polished in certain areas and works better for me (Apple household) than Emby. Emby is more polished in terms of metadata fetching but lags behind on certain clients. You'll find folks on both sides and use what works best for you.

Emby is closed source and not open as that was changed in late 2018.

Jellyfin is the open source fork of Emby.

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In my case, I think Plex might be the solution as well since ours is an Apple household. Sadly Jellyfin doesn't seem to have an official Apple TV app right now.

I'm setting up Plex right now following the suggestions by @asdffdsa (scanning) will update this post.

i am in the process of testing that and kodi

one problem / limitation i have to deal with.
i am using a special version of windows server 2019, called the hyper-v edition.
it is free to use and has refs file system that does checksumming of files and metadata and softraid, it is similar to zfs.
the serve has no gui, just command line, no windows explorer, no firefox, no control panel.
and as most apps for windows requires some basic gui.

also my setup is rather unique, compared to other users.

  1. i use two rclones, one pointing to the other.
  2. i do not use VFS and have only the most minimal of flags
    i know most users have a dozen or more of flags but i find i do not need them.

i have a seedbox, which i use to download meda.
and on that seedbox, i have a local cryped remote that i move the media into.
and on that seebox i run rclone serve sftp pointing to that local crypted remote.

then on my home server, i vpn into the seedbox and i rclone mount that sftp server as the s: as read-only
i point emby to that s: drive.

on the seedbox
rclone serve sftp lcrypt01: --addr=:9999 --user=username --pass=password
on the local server connected via vpn
rclone mount seedboxsftp: s: --read-only

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