Help installing rclone on a Google Cloud Compute VPS

Has anyone successfully set up rclone on a Google cloud compute server? I have set up a free trial Debian 8 machine, and run through the linux install documentation, and when I try and run rclone, I get -bash: rclone: command not found

I need to sync a bunch of data, and my internet connection is very slow.

TIA for any suggestions!

try echo $PATH to make sure /usr/sbin is in your path if not you can add it or you can just copy the binary to another directory that is in your path, alternatively you can just move into a directory that contains rclone and use ./rclone

I’m running it right now on a compute engine…the small default one of ubuntu.

I just copied up my rclone and .rclone.conf into the ~ dir
and then called ./rclone and I was off to the races.

I had it set to 20 transfers and I was pushing 200MB/s between gdrive and gdrive but I ended up getting the errors when you do too many API requests and have to wait 24 hours. I brought it down to 8 and I’m at 120MB/s or so and all is good.

I am moving 46TBs this way.


Well, ./rclone works great! Some parts of the transfer ran at over 400MB/s!

Thanks everyone!

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Are you able to get rclone mount to work? I’m having some issues. I want to be able to use wget to download some files, and I’d like to put them straight into a cloud folder.

how do you bump up the max number of transfers to 20?
--transfers 20 or --multi-thread-streams 20 ?

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