HELP: changing HDD source structure and RCLONE SYNC

I need your help to avoid errors and disruption.

I have a local NAS with 1x 4TB HDD (discA) and inside it there are two directories: MOVIE and PHOTO
I SYNC with Rclone discA to GDRIVE for backup purpose, with encryption.
( rclone sync /media/discA/ bck_gsuite: )

Since discA is almnost full, I got another 4TB HDD (discB)

I would like to move the MOVIE folder from discA to discB

If I simply move the MOVIE folder and restart the SYNC, Rclone will delete the MOVIE folder from the destination and
will start to SYNC /media/discB/MOVIE again
My upload speed is just 20 Mbps.

I need your suggestion to move /media/discA/MOVIE to /media/discB (this is of course simple…) and keep the already data synced
to GDrive without upload everything again.


The easiest thing to do is to use rclone mount to mount your drive. Then use normal OS tools (eg mv) to move things around on the drive to match the structure of the source.

You can also use rclone move or rclone moveto to accomplish this however most people find the rclone mount easier.

So, moving files on GDrive using standard Linux commands on the Grive locally mounted really MOVE the files on the remote without involving download\upload ?

Yes they do. So does rclone move.

So I mounted my remote encrypted on my Ubuntu Linux.
I can have access to my remote, I can read files, but whenever I try to write I get access denied, even if being root.

Tried to mount the parent \ root folder and changing permissions: access is denied.

What’s your mount command you are using?

rclone mount bck_gsuite: /media/GDRIVE/

it works, but it is read only

Depending on what user you run the mount command, you want to add --allow-other to the mount command so you allow other users to write to it.

Seems fixed, thaks a lot.

I addes the --allow-other in the mount command and i added also user_allow_other in fuse.conf