Having Issues Copy / Sync Between Two Separate GDrive Accounts (Unencrypted --> Encrypted)

Hi there - I have setup two separate remotes (called “Alpha” and “Bravo”, each tied to a separate google account) and their own related Crypts (“AlphaCrypt” and “BravoCrypt”). I’m trying to copy unecrypted files from Alpha to BravoCrypt so that Alpha always has the unencrypted version while Bravo contains the encrypted backup.

I setup Bravo with it’s own client ID and tested creating a folder and it worked perfectly. When I try to sync Alpha:Home/Test to BravoCrypt:Home/Test, it comes up with the below error. This happens with copy commands and with any folder I try to do. I can copy from my local drive just fine but it seems to be an issue trying to copy from a separate GDrive account. I also tried copying from Alpha:Home/Test to Bravo:Home/Test and that came up with same error.

2018/10/18 02:35:18 INFO : Encrypted drive 'BravoCrypt:': Modify window is 1ms 2018/10/18 02:35:19 ERROR : : error reading source directory: directory not found 2018/10/18 02:35:19 INFO : Encrypted drive 'BravoCrypt:': Waiting for checks to finish 2018/10/18 02:35:19 INFO : Encrypted drive 'BravoCrypt:': Waiting for transfers to finish

Any idea what could be going on?

Please ignore! The folder was not there to begin with…d’oh!