Has anyone made a dropbox replacement with rclone for linux

The Dropbox sync app is a nice concept. It runs in the background and makes cloud based copies of your files as they are changed in real time.

Has anyone used rclone and other linux technologies to make an open source dropbox replacement for their /home folder?

There is an article here (https://lpan.io/one-liner-dropbox-client/) about using rclone, entr and systemd to accomplish this.

Dropbox is a closed source binary so I don't know how it is watching the filesystem to know when to upload modified files. The article mentions entr uses inotify and doesn't have to poll the filesystem.

Has anyone attempted anything similar? Is it feasible? Did it consume to many resources? Are there any folder categories that need to be exclude? Other lessons learned?

There's Syncthing, though I don't think it uses rclone.

Syncthing has terrible error messages and poor instructions but if you are lucky then, I find, these days it works well. And it is actively developed.

I use it to sync various directories across two Linux machines, a Windows PC, and an Android phone. However, don't expect file-system specific stuff - links, especially - to sync properly across file-systems (e.g. ext4 to NTFS).

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