Has a fix for Google Photos and rclone been implemented?

Just asking since Google Drive and Google Photos no longer sync with each other (announced by Google themselves; this function stopped working this month). Thanks.

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Rclone is now able to use Google Photos as a remote. Right now you can use it by building from master on Github.

Documentation for using Google Photos remotes with rclone is available here.

Oooh cool" I hadn't seen this yet. Will definitely have to check it out. Thanks Denispol :slight_smile:

You can use the latest beta instead of downloading it yourself.

Note the backend isn't quite finished yet and I haven't got much quota from google yet either.

Oh yeah, the docs are here: https://tip.rclone.org/googlephotos/

Just been reading up on all this as I was looking to copy from Photos to Drive on a regular basis. Am I right in thinking that whilst it would work, it probably isn't best idea due to the fact that EXIF data is stripped and videos compressed?

Yes, the google photos API is rather poor at the moment. It would be OK for a backup of last resort.

You'll see from the docs that there are issues open about all the problems with the API!

I'm guessing that it would be fine the other way around (Drive to Photos) right?

I may have to do the initial load from Photos (most of my family still have the photos on their phones) into Drive, and then get them to sync to Drive instead. Could set up a script to make everything fetch from Drive and push to Photos. Not sure if it could be done server to server rather than downloading and uploading though.

You can upload photos to drive just fine. You can't take advantage of the lower resolution for free though - the API doesn't support that either!

I have "unlimited" storage so not too bothered lol :slight_smile:

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