"Hard" multi-thread-cutoff of lower bandwith killing

Hello all,

Is there a way to force splitting to a fixed size ?

With put.io i often have a problem with one or two threads where the bandwith drops along time (starting 10 MBytes/s, finishing 5 kBytes/s) and it seems to not being related to my computer (no dropoff with other providers). If i download a 5 GBytes file splitted in 5 parts, and one drops, it can take hours to complete.

I would like to know if there's a way to have some kind of :
"--lowest-speed-limit" --> where thread is killed if average speed drops below a limit (like if server killed connection)
"--hard-max-chunk-size" where if set to 10Mbytes a 5Gbytes files will be 500 chunks ? (so if the speed for a chunk drops, it's not a big problem given the chunk is quite small)

Thank you for your answers

Hmm, you mean something like --multi-thread-max-chunk to set the maximum size of a chunk.

There have been proposals for a minimum speed limit too in the rclone issues, maybe that would be a better solution, so when the speed for a stream goes below a given amount (for 1 minute say) it is closed.

The other thing you could try is the --timeout parameter. Rclone should close the stream if no data is transferred for --timeout. It is 5 minutes by default.

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