Handbrake convert directly from encrypted GD mount?

Is it possible to convert using handbrake, directly to/from the encrypted GD mount? Would I just use the mount path?Wondering if anyone has tried, and if it will cause too many API calls to GD. Just want to get my avi’s converted to mp4.

FYI, you do not necessarily need Handbrake to convert from AVI to MP4.

AVI and MP4 are containers that support multiple audio & video formats. Many times you can change containers without using a transcoder like Handbrake.

For a Mac, look at MP4 Tools and AVI Tools at http://www.emmgunn.com/. Free tools that can convert between multiple formats. I’m sure there are similar tools available for Windows and Linux. Maybe Avidemux? http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/

No idea if MP4 tools, Handbrake, etc work with encrypted GD mounts. However, a simple repackaging of video/audio between containers would be more direct and easier than transcoding formats with Handbrake. It would also probably result in less traffic to/from GD since you’re just moving data, not modifying data.

My guess is it wouldn’t work or work well. I believe rclone and hte remotes need to know the file size before upload. I know there is some work being done to cache locally before uploading which would address this.

According to documentation only backblaze needs to know size beforehand? Else you wouldn’t be able to write any file at all to Google or acd either.

I write backups from proxmox to Google Drive, and it doesn’t know size beforehand when making backups.

Which is a shame, i’d much rather use Backblaze then Google Drive on an Ebay account, and considering ACD doesn’t work that well… Well Backblaze would be really nice. (I also like the company’s innovative and opensource way to deal with storage).

I’m also not one who transfer TB after TB every day, or scan constantly, i just wanna use rclone for backups pretty much, without having to sacrifice local storage.https://goo.gl/Dq8iKX

Sorry to bother man, but this seems to be the only thread related to my question.I just want to know whether HandBrake or this kind of software is legal around the world for I may go abroad and I may use HandBrake. I see in this article:http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/is-handbrake-safe.html it mentions that HandBrake is not for commercial use, but the whole explanation is so vague that I cannot figure it out. If it is illegal I will delete it but I do not hope to do it because I need use this software to convert some files for my company.

If all you want to do is switch containers from AVI to MP4 without re-encoding, you can use mp4box. You won’t be able to convert directly to/from an rclone mount, but you can easily script it using rclone lsjson to get an easy-to-parse list of AVI files and then looping over mp4box to convert AVI -> MP4; rclone to upload the MP4; rclone to delete the AVI. That will only require that you have enough local space to accommodate double the size of the AVI.

For example, in python3:

p = subprocess.run([RCLONE,'lsjson','--recursive','--fast-list', REMOTEPATH], stdout=subprocess.PIPE,universal_newlines=True)
    remote_files = json.loads(p.stdout)
except json.JSONDecodeError as msg:
    print("Error decoding JSON")

Now you have a dictionary with all file/path information. You can loop over it and do whatever you want without any more API calls.