GUI: keep folder in sync

sorry if this is a dumb question - but can rclone keep a folder on my local filesystem in sync with a folder I have in the cloud? so, whenver I change something on my local folder, the changes are uploaded to, .e.g, google drive, without me taking action?

if yes, how can I accomplish this with the GUI?


you can run rclone sync on a schedule.

might try rclone mount and a local app such as freefilesync

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thanks for the reply - and sorry, moved it to "help and support"

so, there is no way to do this with the GUI?

which GUI do you mean?

you can sync using rclone sync, on the command line or the gui.

ok - I guess my question is: there is no way this can be done automatically, e.g., triggered by local changes?

rclone is not a backup program, does not do continuous sync.

beyond the suggestion i already offered,
if you could explain your use-case,
then might be able to offer a better solution.

I am simply looking for a way to regularly push data from my synology box to a google drive folder, where other people can access it.

Ideally it would be two way, but I'd already be happy with one-way. Also, sync wouldn't have to be immediately after the change occurrs, but every 5 or even 15 mins.

All this data is managed by a local sync-program (syncthing), so the solution would need not to interfere with that.

rclone sync

rclone bisync

or mount the gdrive as local storage using rclone mount and then use syncthing.

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