GUI in official Docker image?

I was pleased to see that there's now a Beta GUI and an official Docker container.

I don't see much documentation on the Docker container. I was hoping that I could somehow run rclone in the docker container in GUI mode so that I can connect to it and control it from another computer on my network via the web interface.

Is there any way to achieve that?

It is certainly possible, it probably needs someone to write it up...

Thanks. Can anyone here give me some pointers? Or perhaps there's already a docker container that achieves this?

You should be able to use the standard container, just run with the flags to start the GUI. You'll need a port directive to forward the GUI ports.

Thanks. I get the following line in the log, which suggests it's successfully firing up in GUI mode.

2020/02/05 22:01:41 ERROR : Failed to open Web GUI in browser: exec: "xdg-open": executable file not found in $PATH. Manually access it at: http://gui:SYsVOi5Bjq1HAytC_qcnsw@

When swap for the IP of the host ( I can't connect to it, despite the port being set up so that it's accessible from outside the container. Any ideas?

Another question, does rclone contain a web server to host the GUI? I don't see how it would work on my Mac otherwise but perhaps I'm misunderstanding?

rclone is only binding to by default - add --rc-addr :5572 to get it to bind to all IP addresses and that should work.

Rclone does contain a web server, that is correct. The go standard library has an excellent web server built in and rclone uses it for lots of things!


Thanks. That worked. I think I need to play with the authentication a little more, but I can get to the web interface. Very cool!

The command I used was

rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-addr :5572

for anyone who needs it.


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